It was definitely one of the best experiences I've had in publishing.

Jeff Melkonian, Cornell University

The Science Journal for Kids team are performing valuable public service by delivering science in an engaging mode for our school children to learn and discover with their inquisitive minds.

Kaja Abbas, LSHTM

Fast, intelligent, painless.

Joshua Fisher, JPL, Cal Tech

Your passion for making science exciting for kids and seeing some of your prior work encouraged me to do this with my somewhat technical and more policy oriented research. I never thought this specific paper, if not the topic of waste to energy itself, could be made as exciting and fun as it reads now for kids. Great work.

Deepak Rajagopal, UCLA

Our "Plastic Not Fantastic Summer Science Exhibit" won Imperial College's President's Achievement Award for Excellence in Societal Engagement. ​The SJK article that we did on ocean plastics was a key part of our engagement strategy, and therefore a great contributing factor in the award. Thank you again for helping us with the adaptation and for so relentlessly promoting it on Social Media.

Erik van Sebille, Imperial College London, UK

The writing style was refreshing - wish we could write like that in the adult journals. Editing was efficient and responsive to feedback. I was happy with the way you extracted the message.

David Ackerly, UC Berkeley

I decided to publish in Science Journal for Kids because it seemed a good outreach opportunity (funders are always looking for science to have impact beyond the scientific community). And as a Dad, it seemed a great idea to enhance Kids science education. ​ It was fun working with Tanya and Erin to write a piece in a totally different style to that I'm used to. I like the nice cartoons and visually-appealing format.

James Screen, University of Exeter, UK

I enjoyed the prompt correspondence and fairly fast processing of the jobs.

Kazuhiko Kobayshi, University of Tokyo, Japan

Unlike most of my experiences with the media, I felt like I had control over what the final product said, which is so important when so often your message gets twisted and miscommunicated by other channels. Plus, scientists rarely get to play around with fun graphics.

Pia Lentini, University of Melbourne, Australia

Past collaborations

Thanks to the support of a wide variety of researchers and institutions, we have adapted more than 100 peer-reviewed papers for a younger audience. This list is a small selections of our past collaborations. 

Original paper
Justin Lessler
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Andrew Plumptre
Cambridge University
Wildlife Conservation Society
Eli Fenichel
Yale University​​
Yale ​School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Ellen Simms &
​Kim La Pierre
University of California, Berkeley
​Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Andrea L. Graham & Jacqueline Leung
Princeton University
Princeton University
​Daniel Pauly
University of British Columbia
Sea Around Us
Aron Stubbins
University of Georgia
Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation
Aurélie Duchez
National Oceanography Centre
Natural Environment Research Council, UK
Paul Newman
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Dan McKenney
Canadian Forest Service
Natural Resources Canada
 Kevin Mortimer
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Medical Research Council​, UK
Jeff Melkonian
​Cornell University
Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Gary Shepherd
National Marine Fisheries Service
Alexander Pfeiffer
Oxford University
Inter-American Development Bank

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