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Researchers' Testimonials

Teachers' Testimonials

Student's Testimonial

I am a high school sophomore student currently living in Taiwan. Throughout seventh to ninth grade, all the assigned summer homework for science subjects were to find articles from this journal related to any particular subject and to write a brief reflection upon it. Thus, these articles helped me develop my interest in biology, causing me to take AP Biology, attend local universities’ high school microbiology summer programs, and even receiving an award in Biology Professional Vocabulary Quotient Credential. Therefore, I am a student who grew up accompanied by Science Journal for Kids and Teens.

Past collaborations

Thanks to the support of a wide variety of researchers and institutions, we have adapted more than 200 peer-reviewed papers for a younger audience. This list is a small selections of our past collaborations. 

Original paper
Justin Lessler
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Andrew Plumptre
Cambridge University
Wildlife Conservation Society
Eli Fenichel
Yale University​​
Yale ​School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Ellen Simms &
​Kim La Pierre
University of California, Berkeley
​Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Andrea L. Graham & Jacqueline Leung
Princeton University
Princeton University
​Daniel Pauly
University of British Columbia
Sea Around Us
Aron Stubbins
University of Georgia
Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation
Aurélie Duchez
National Oceanography Centre
Natural Environment Research Council, UK
Paul Newman
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Dan McKenney
Canadian Forest Service
Natural Resources Canada
 Kevin Mortimer
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Medical Research Council​, UK
Jeff Melkonian
​Cornell University
Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Gary Shepherd
National Marine Fisheries Service
Alexander Pfeiffer
Oxford University
Inter-American Development Bank