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Lesson Ideas

Are you looking for fun ways to cover scientific topics in your classroom? Check out our science lesson plans and ideas for teachers.


7 Science Articles from California

Science articles from California for middle and high school students. Various scientific fields and topics – from biodiversity to social science.

Useful resources

Read-along Versions of Articles

Our scientific articles now available as audio versions for students with reading difficulties or visual impairment.


Meet-a-Scientist: Tiffany Luong

Meet a scientist! An interview with Tiffany Luong – a microbiologist who studies phages and phage therapy as an alternative to antibiotics!


Meet-a-Scientist: Kendra Sirak

Meet a scientist! An interview with Kendra Sirak – an anthropologist who uses ancient DNA to study past populations.


Meet-a-Scientist: Kaitlyn Varela

Meet a scientist! An interview with Kaitlyn Varela – a biochemistry scientist. Science lessons and inspiration from Science Journal for Kids.