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Lesson Ideas

Are you looking for fun ways to cover scientific topics in your classroom? Check out our science lesson plans and ideas for teachers.


6 Articles from Texas

Teaching science in Texas? Engage your students with scientific research from their home state. Here, we present seven articles from Texas-based researchers adapted for middle

political map of Australia and New Zealand

7 Articles from Australia & New Zealand

Teaching science in Australia or New Zealand? Engage your students with scientific research from their home country. Here, we present seven articles from Australia and

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Lesson Ideas Podcast

We decided to create a podcast to help teachers navigate and implement our resources more effectively. We’ll be talking about new articles we have adapted, fun related info, activities you can do with your students, and tips to make learning easier.

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How to Use Science Journal for Kids in the Classroom – and Why

Science Journal for Kids is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making science accessible for all K-12 students. We provide free resources to increase science literacy in classrooms, ensuring educators and students have access to the latest scientific research and findings. Hear from other educators and students about how and why they use adapted research articles and accompanying resources.


Ask-a-Scientist: Video Interviews with Scientists

Science is all about asking questions! If you have a question for us or our scientists, we want to hear from you! You can use the Ask-A-Scientist video interface to record a message and we’ll help connect you with an expert’s response. Kids and teens, bring a trusted adult to help with the process.

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Articles Translated in Spanish!

Over 20% of school-aged children speak a language other than English at home; yet few STEM resources incorporate ELLs’ home language. Science Journal for Kids is working to bridge the language gap. Our team of translators collaborates directly with the authors to produce accurate texts, vocabulary words, comprehension questions, graphs, and images in 17 languages.


5 Science Articles About Paleoscience

Rediscover life’s complex evolution using paleoscience! These five middle and high school adaptations introduce students to recent scientific findings and their implications for present-day organisms. Traverse through the human genome, map species range shifts, and uncover mummies’ microbiome with these featured teen-friendly activities. Use standards-matched adaptations, introductory video content, comprehension questions, and vocabulary to further your lesson outcomes. View the full collection here, or scroll down to learn about the featured articles.


6 Science Articles about Gene Editing

What happens when scientists change organisms’ biological instructions? These 6 middle and high school-level articles illustrate the potential of genetic engineering.

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Search for an Article by Location!

Use this interactive map to choose articles by country or search for specific states using the map’s search bar in the upper left-hand corner. Select from over 200 articles, 7 continents, and 17 languages.