Lesson Ideas

Are you looking for fun ways to cover scientific topics in your classroom? Check out our science lesson plans for teachers.


8 Science Articles for 5th Graders

Kids love to discover new things. That’s why we like to give them access to recent scientific research! In these four adaptations, we have brought


5 Science Articles about Vaccination

Five articles to help you teach your students how vital vaccines are in stimulating the immune system to produce antibodies that it can later use to fight infection.


6 Science Articles about Immunity

We’ve collected six articles that can support you in teaching middle- and high-school students about the immune system, antibodies, and vaccinations.

Distance learning

Free Science Webinars for Kids at Home

Here are some more free science teaching resources for kids (age 5-12) during the worldwide school shutdowns. MEL Academy is offering online classes in physics,


3 Science Articles about Outbreaks

Three adaptations of scientific papers to help students learn about how science helps us deal with outbreaks of deadly infectious diseases.