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Lesson Ideas

Are you looking for fun ways to cover scientific topics in your classroom? Check out our science lesson plans and ideas for teachers.

Hands-on lesson

Original Hands-On Lessons & Activities

This collection features ten original hands-on lesson plans that are unique to our organization and designed specifically for our adapted research articles – by real

Online-based lesson

Data Graphing Activity for 4th-7th Graders

Data-centered activities are most meaningful and interesting for students when they use real-world data. This dataset comes from an original research paper published in the


8 Research Articles on Women and Girls

Women and girls have a unique experience of the world based on their biological sex. Gender discrimination and stereotypes influence their psychological and economic development,


10 Science Articles on Teen Health

Teens encounter a wealth of resources on health across media platforms. Health literacy based on scientific research helps teens to discern what is useful among

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8 Science Articles on Evolution

Evolution is a cornerstone of middle and high school biology curricula, but it is sometimes hard to find clear and well-designed research examples that students

Useful resources

Multiple Reading Levels

Our mission is to let all students have access to real scientific research. This can be a challenge when your classroom contains a range of

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Useful resources

SJK Audio Edition Podcast

A new way to help students access real scientific research. In SJK Audio Edition, each ten-minute podcast episode narrates one of our adapted articles.

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Useful resources

Video Tutorials & Lesson Ideas

Our video tutorials highlight and explain some of the additional resources we’ve curated to help with lesson planning.