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Ask-A-Scientist Podcast from SJK

What is the life of a scientist like? What is academic research like as a job? How and why does one become a professional scientist?

Original image file retrieved 2023 from Wikimedia Commons: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Timeline_evolution_of_life.svg

7 Articles on Evolution

Evolution is a cornerstone of middle and high school biology curricula, but it is sometimes hard to find clear and well-designed research examples that students

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Multiple Reading Levels

Our mission is to let all students have access to real scientific research. This can be a challenge when your classroom contains a range of

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SJK Audio Edition Podcast

A new way to help students access real scientific research. In SJK Audio Edition, each ten-minute podcast episode narrates one of our adapted articles.

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Lesson Ideas & Tutorials

Our video tutorials highlight and explain some of the additional resources we’ve curated to help with lesson planning.

Fossils used to map DNA across the globe

5 Articles About Paleogenetics

Invite students to explore the evolution of the human genome through these adapted articles on paleogenetics. With this collection, we celebrate one of our contributing


6 Articles from Texas

Teaching science in Texas? Engage your students with scientific research from their home state. Here, we present seven articles from Texas-based researchers adapted for middle

political map of Australia and New Zealand

7 Articles from Australia & New Zealand

Teaching science in Australia or New Zealand? Engage your students with scientific research from their home country. Here, we present seven articles from Australia and

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Lesson Ideas Podcast

We decided to create a podcast to help teachers navigate and implement our resources more effectively. We’ll be talking about new articles we have adapted, fun related info, activities you can do with your students, and tips to make learning easier.