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Teachers' Testimonials

I absolutely loved the site. It was a huge help during the quarantine. The subject areas were clear cut but interesting, and the lessons were easy to grade and tailor to my classroom needs. The students and their parents were pleased with the lessons and activities.
5th-grade teacher
Illinois, USA
Because these articles are current research, the students become actively engaged in the content. Upon reading, the students often ask questions, which require additional research. This questioning phase is my favorite part!
High school Earth science teacher
New Jersey, USA
I chose your resources because they provided scientific process skills to cover potential experimental questions on the new APES free-response exam part. It was simple to find topical case studies on your site.
12th-grade Advanced Placement Environmental Science teacher
Texas, USA
I found the website easy to navigate, interesting, and comprehensive. I downloaded 22 science articles in preparation for the school year. I used them as a homework booklet to increase scientific literacy. The students had to read one article every two weeks, mark it and return for grading. Then we had a class discussion around answers. They enjoyed the articles. Some found them challenging to complete.
High school science teacher
New South Wales, Australia
As a special education teacher accompanying students in the general education classroom, I see a very broad range of ability and interest levels. I love that the articles are generally written on a level that is accessible for my lower functioning students when partnered with a reader. The students seemed to find the articles interesting. They were a good length to hold their attention. Thank you for what you do. I am loving Science Journal for Kids.
High school Special Education teacher
Georgia, USA
Your website is great! It's loaded with content-rich reading and the assessment questions are a perfect accompaniment. I tied the readings into our curriculum as an enrichment assignment. Students read and discussed the text with partners, then we discussed the information as a class. Students completed the questions in small groups. They liked reading a science text that was current. I’d like more labs and more topics that support my curriculum.
6th-grade teacher
Utah, USA