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Articles Translated in Multiple Languages

Our mission is to let all students have access to real scientific research. That’s why we have over 100 articles translated in multiple, non-English languages, including Spanish, Bulgarian, French, Arabic, Chinese, German, Dutch, and more. This allows more students to access real scientific research!

Engage students in their native language with standards-matched adaptations, introductory video content, comprehension questions, and vocabulary to further your lesson outcomes. Each adapted article also comes with additional suggestions for activities to enhance the readers’ understanding and make the class more exciting.

You can find all available non-English language translations on an individual article’s page, as in the sample article page below:

Or you can view the complete collections of language-specific translations using the filter on our website:

You can also reach the translations from the main menu:

That’s Not All!

SJK also offers other formats to increase access to real scientific research. Check out our full collection of adapted research articles with Dual Reading Levels, which offer an upper and lower adaptation of the same article. Or look for articles that are accompanied by narrations via our Audio Edition podcasts and read-along videos.

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