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Ask-a-Scientist: Video Interviews with Scientists

Science is all about asking questions! Our authors try to anticipate common queries, but we know you’ll want to investigate further. If you have a question for us or our scientists, we want to hear from you! You can use the Ask-A-Scientist video interface to record a message and we’ll help connect you with an expert’s response.

Watch Video Interviews

Check out Science Journal for Kids & Teens’s Ask-a-Scientist collection on our YouTube channel.

If you enjoy learning with videos, try our pre-uploaded content or guest-star on our YouTube channel to talk with a researcher. Submit your recorded inquiries through the video form.

Kids and teens, bring a trusted adult to help with the process.

Like the world around us, our channel is new and constantly evolving. We value your input! Let us know what videos you want next in the comments below. If you’re the type of person that enjoys regularly watching science videos, subscribe and hit the notification bell so you never miss an episode. All of our content is free to use and share, so spread the news.

Read Previous Interviews

You’re not the only one with a fascinating inquiry! Many of our scientists have conducted Q&As before. We’ve compiled previous interviews for everyone to learn. Check out these pages to see what other students were interested in knowing– sometimes you may even find your answer! Delve into bat physiology, explore the potential of phage therapy, meet a kid scientist, and much more! Click the button below to meet our scientists.

That’s Not All!

Science Journal for Kids is also on social media. Check out our content on Facebook, Instagram TV, and Twitter @sciencejournalforkids.

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