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Lesson Ideas Podcast

Welcome to Lesson Ideas by Science Journal for Kids – a podcast for middle- and high-school science teachers everywhere!

Listen here for an introduction to Lesson Ideas.

Our goal is to provide teachers with free, high-quality science resources to use in their classrooms. Unfortunately, when there are lots of resources, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. We decided to create a podcast to help teachers navigate and implement our resources more effectively. 

Here are some things you can expect each week with Lesson Ideas:

  • Introduction to a fun article we’ve adapted for use in the classroom, like this one
  • Highlights of fun and interesting facts about the article or the topic that students will enjoy.
  • Current events are a great way to engage students. If there is anything in the news, we’ll let teachers know that too! 
  • Discussion and explanation of one of the free activities or experiments that teachers could use in conjunction with the article. The goal here is to give teachers a snapshot of the activity, what students would be required to do, what kind of preparation might need to be done, or things to think about before beginning the activity.
  • Teaching tips on how to better use our articles with students. For example, we’ll talk about suggestions for answering the thought questions at the end of each article or how to better engage your students when they look at the figures.

We know teachers are busy, so our episodes are only about 10 minutes each and contain all the pertinent links to what we’ve discussed in the show notes. You can listen to episodes here, or head to Substack where you can listen to episodes and see all the show notes. Make sure to sign up for our free monthly newsletter on Substack to get updates about our new content.

We hope that you’ll join us here at Lesson Ideas to keep learning more!

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