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How Can You Use Scientific Articles in Class?

A Teacher’s Testimonial:

Seda Dawson is a 7th-grade science teacher at Westchester Academy for International Studies, Houston, TX. She shares how and why she uses Science Journal for Kids‘ resources in her classroom.

Science Journal for Kids has adapted and published hundreds of articles from various scientific disciplines.

Use the Advanced Search Filter to find the one that is right for your needs and interests. You can narrow down your search by: 

  • + Reading level (e.g. middle school, upper-level high school)
  • + Scientific field (e.g. biology, social science)
  • + Keywords (e.g. greenhouse gas emissions, insects)
  • + Scientific method applied in the research (e.g. lab experiment, mathematical model)
  • + Type of scientific figure used to illustrate the results (e.g. bar graph, map)
  • + Correlation with AP Environmental Science or IB Biology topics
  • + Location of the original research 
  • + Academic affiliation of the researchers (e.g. Yale University, World Health Organization)
  • + Non-English language translations (e.g. Spanish, Greek)

Each article contains the following elements:

  • + The main text, including Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion – the structure of a standard academic paper
  • + Conclusion providing ideas about the impact of this research on students’ lives
  • + Photos of the studied organism, lab set up, etc.
  • + Adapted results graphs and maps
  • + Glossary of key terms related to this research
  • + Post-reading assessment questions + a teacher’s key (in a separate PDF)
  • + List of references (including a link to the original paper)

Each article’s page contains:

  • + Download links for the article and the teacher’s key
  • + A short YouTube video suitable for the beginning of class
  • + Download links to the article in any additional language (if available)
  • + List of other recommended resources (including a link to the original paper)
  • + Meta information about the article (e.g. brief summary, reading level)

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