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Did you know that Science Journal for Kids has a new way to help your students?

Literacy is such an important skill, but it does not come easy for all students. Some students need some extra support. One way to do this is by providing audio versions of a text that students can listen to while reading.

This text-to-speech option is available for many of the articles – especially the latest ones. Students can pull up the YouTube link and listen along while they read.

This resource is meant for:

  • students with reading difficulties
  • ELL & ESL students
  • auditory learners
  • students with visual impariment
  • any student who would find it useful.

We know that not all students are excited about reading, but hopefully, this resource can help! Take a look at the example below:

You can find the audio versions on each article’s page.

Or check out the YouTube Channel for all available recordings!

Use our Feedback form to let us know if this type of resource is useful for your students or if there is something else you’d like to see on our site!

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