What do cow burps have to do with climate change or the price of meat? Scientists say that the climate on the planet is changing because of an extra layer of carbon in the Earth’s atmosphere. As it happens, all our activities release carbon – taking the bus to school, charging your laptop, eating. Yes, eating! Especially eating beef. Scientists calculated that producing 1 pound of beef results in 30 times more carbon emissions than producing 1 pound of wheat. And most of this carbon comes from cow burps! 

Climate change is pretty expensive for us: for example, having to pay for houses and road reconstruction after super destructive storms. As a result, some people are suggesting we should charge ourselves a small fee for doing things that release a lot of carbon. If this happens, both wheat and beef will become a little more expensive. But the increase in beef prices would be higher.

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Scientists compared greenhouse gas emissions from beef and wheat production.
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May 2015

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