When you think about environmental issues, you probably think about science. How does science explain the problem? How can we use science to create a solution? Yet if we only think like scientists, we may miss important details. That is why we need to share knowledge with people who have different perspectives.

We shared knowledge with local residents near the Guassa grassland in Ethiopia to discuss how land use had changed over time. They described how they use the land and the benefits it provides. Using satellite technology, we created maps of the area. We then shared these maps with the people of Guassa. Together, we found a link between soil problems and land use changes. We also determined how different management strategies affect land use. Because we shared knowledge with the local residents, we created a more complete picture of what is happening in Guassa.

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Scientists worked with local residents to create a better understanding of the causes and consequences of land use changes experienced in the Guassa grassland in Ethiopia.
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February 2022

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