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Fossils used to map DNA across the globe

5 Articles About Paleogenetics

Invite students to explore the evolution of the human genome through these adapted articles on paleogenetics. With this collection, we celebrate one of our contributing

6 Articles from Texas

Teaching science in Texas? Engage your students with scientific research from their home state. Here, we present seven articles from Texas-based researchers adapted for middle

political map of Australia and New Zealand

7 Articles from Australia & New Zealand

Teaching science in Australia or New Zealand? Engage your students with scientific research from their home country. Here, we present seven articles from Australia and

5 Science Articles About Paleoscience

Rediscover life’s complex evolution using paleoscience! These five middle and high school adaptations introduce students to recent scientific findings and their implications for present-day organisms. Traverse through the human genome, map species range shifts, and uncover mummies’ microbiome with these featured teen-friendly activities. Use standards-matched adaptations, introductory video content, comprehension questions, and vocabulary to further your lesson outcomes. View the full collection here, or scroll down to learn about the featured articles.

6 Science Articles about Gene Editing

What happens when scientists change organisms’ biological instructions? These 6 middle and high school-level articles illustrate the potential of genetic engineering.

7 Science Articles from California

Science articles from California for middle and high school students. Various scientific fields and topics – from biodiversity to social science.

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