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8 Research Articles on Women and Girls

Women and girls have a unique experience of the world based on their biological sex. Gender discrimination and stereotypes influence their psychological and economic development,

10 Science Articles on Teen Health

Teens encounter a wealth of resources on health across media platforms. Health literacy based on scientific research helps teens to discern what is useful among

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8 Science Articles on Evolution

Evolution is a cornerstone of middle and high school biology curricula, but it is sometimes hard to find clear and well-designed research examples that students

Fossils used to map DNA across the globe

5 Articles About Paleogenetics

Invite students to explore the evolution of the human genome through these adapted articles on paleogenetics. With this collection, we celebrate one of our contributing

6 Articles from Texas

Teaching science in Texas? Engage your students with scientific research from their home state. Here, we present seven articles from Texas-based researchers adapted for middle

political map of Australia and New Zealand

7 Articles from Australia & New Zealand

Teaching science in Australia or New Zealand? Engage your students with scientific research from their home country. Here, we present seven articles from Australia and

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