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The Adaptation Process

Science Journal for Kids is a small non-profit organization which “translates” academic papers into easy-to-understand science articles for school students. 

Why? Because children have the right to know about the latest scientific discoveries.

Here is how we do it:


We select the scientific paper to be adapted based on the following criteria: 


One of our science editors writes a first draft of the kids’ adaptation and sends it for comments and revisions to the scientists who conducted the research and published the original paper. 

Once the text is approved, our graphic designer creates cartoons, adapted scientific diagrams, and other suitable illustrations and completes the layout. The page proofs are again reviewed and approved by the researchers. 

The adapted scientific article is published as a PDF on our website where it can be downloaded by anyone for free. What might your paper look like? Check our specifications:


Based on the research, we also prepare a packet with educator’s resources consisting of a student assessment questionnaire with a teacher’s key, video hook, curriculum alignment notes, and so on. We publish them on our website alongside the adapted article.


We have almost a million readers annually. Our work is made possible with support from a number of foundations and research institutions. 


Find out all the details in our Frequently Asked Questions section or contact us directly to suggest a paper.